Monday, December 05, 2005

Exhibition building and Grumbles

It's a sad but true fact that if you take your child to the museum, pay lots of money to get in and have lunch, tote them around to all the exhibitions in an attempt to expand their fertile young minds, they will still appear to garner more enjoyment playing on the bike stands positioned outside. Oh, and from the picking up of gravel - also to be found outside the museum.

Still, it was worth the bike trip there.


  1. Anonymous4:58 pm

    G'day Jorth it's derektor here - I think this site is pretty nifty!!!



  2. My ma was visiting me this weekend and she decided to go to the museum on Sunday. I should have gone too; while I'm a little too old for playing with bike stands, I could certainly teach yr youngster a thing or two about throwing gravel at unsuspecting passers by.

    "Aim for the forehead, Jorthette, or go for the base of the spine!"

  3. Huh? Censorship? What happened to the democracy of the web? Sure I was talking about inciting yr youngster to commit some light and comedic violence on innocent passers by, but hey, we have to stand up for our freedom of speech.

    And that includes the right of your friends to post puerile and ill-conceived comments on yr blog without hindrance.

    If we don't we could end up just like Burma or China or Blackburn North.


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