Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend wrap-up

The weekend was crazy, and I'm still recovering, so instead I'll just take a big breath and blurt it all out: in-laws for dinner, lots of driving, wool shopping, fruitless book searching, sun burn, Christmas breakfast at Brighton Yacht club (oh la la!), swimming in the ocean, lazing on an outside swing, picnics outside, fabric purchasing and a rather sleepless night due to an upset tummy and possums racketing around in the roof.

Tonight it's Santa doing stories at the library. Then home for a hot chocolate (Galumph and I), bottle (for Grumbles) then the cot (for all of us!).

The fambly at Brighton Pier


  1. I just love this picture!

  2. Anonymous2:29 pm

    I agree with erica that this is a great photo....

    You must be 'supremely talented'

    I don't think the Christmas Tree incident is also entirely my fault - I was merely trying to stop the tree from getting too large.


  3. Yes, dear - you really need to watch those trees getting too big. I've heard of cases where the trees have waited until the dead of night when all was quiet and then nipped out of their pots to shake their needles on the poor innocent owners trying to sleep in their beds. Cutting off their tops really is the only way to deal with such behaviour.

  4. Ooh I used to sail at Brighton YC when I was a teenager. Fun memories. And great pic.


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