Friday, December 23, 2005

At least this one looks like it's meant to...

...even if he is a little squidgy around the edges. Introducing Mr Green-O-Bot, from Jess Hutchinson's fabulous Unusual Toys for you to Knit and Enjoy. He was such a fun knit, and Grumbles has been wonderful this morning by having a two hour sleep, thus allowing me to sew him up in time for Christmas. I hope the Galumph isn't reading, because the bot is a gift for him and Grumbles to share.

So now it's off to finish up wrapping of gifts, and packing of bags. We're heading down to the coast for the merry season, so I'll catch you all in the new year. Mwah!


  1. He's lovely!! oh my gosh! I love him!!

  2. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Thanks for the funny comment about Enid Blyton abd macaroons. Tea is just the thing with them, but I agree that lemonade would be lovely!


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