Thursday, October 09, 2014



Sabrina the (occasionally grumpy) dressmaker's model had been in surprisingly good spirits for weeks, but those happy feelings were beginning to ebb somewhat. "For", she thought as Jorth dashed past her, "who couldn't be full of felicitous bliss when wearing a dress as floral as this? However, would it be too much to ask for the darn skirt to be attached? Hmm, Ms I'm-so-busy-with-the-knitting-Jorth?"

Just then, much to her surprise, Jorth came over and lifted her a meter or so from her original position. "What the...?" Sabrina began to mutter, but then swallowed her words when she saw the sewing machine being lugged from its cupboard, which she had previously been standing in front of. Not daring to believe her eyes, she watched with growing rapture as Jorth gathered up the skirt pieces which had been lying neatly overlocked for some weeks past, and put them beside the now set-up sewing machine.

So thrilled was she with this turn of events that she didn't even flinch when Jorth stripped the completed bodice off her, for she knew that before the day was over, she would be resplendent in the full dress. Quietly, so quietly that the spools of cotton in the haberdashery buffet could barely hear her, let alone Jorth with her sub-standard human ears, she began to hum "Kiss From A Rose", and settled in to watch Jorth finish her new favourite dress.


  1. Seal quote = +15 points for a 90s reference!
    Yay for some sewing time, Queen of Knitting :D

  2. Such beautiful fabric!

  3. I so love your posts Jorth x

  4. Great sneak peak!


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