Monday, October 06, 2014


Green Yarn

It's been a bit quiet around these parts, my friends, and to you all I must apologise, but life decided to throw a few curves balls our way, and when I am busy try to catch curve balls (anybody who has seen my feeble sporting attempts will know the catching isn't in my top 10 - or even maybe top 100 - skill set) I find that the old blog tends to get neglected.

Neglecting, however, makes me sad. I like my blog. I like being able to chat and interact with you all. So I've decided to give you a quick roundup on what's been going on, and hopefully now things have settled down somewhat I'll be back to my blogging best soon. So, in a nutshell:

- My father-in-law has been quite ill with an acute leukaemia. He's currently undergoing chemo, and is responding well to the treatment, thank goodness. So as a family we have been spending a LOT of time at the cancer hospital, which I can't praise highly enough for the brilliant job they are doing.

 - Just in case you thought we might be sick of hospitals, poor old Tyger came down with a vomiting bug so severe that we ended up with her at the Royal Children's Hospital. It turned out to be a nasty viral gastro, but for a while there was concern that it might be appendicitis. That was fun!

 - Then of course, just as Tyger was on the mend Galumph came down with the bug.

 - And, never one to be left out, I picked it up too. We went through a LOT of Pine-O-Cleen that week!

 - Whilst overtired and recovering from all this, I stubbed my toe so badly that I think I fractured it. So there was hobbling, too. Yay!

 - I changed jobs. It's actually been quite a stress-free process, and I love where I work now, but that was another life-changing unit thrown into the mix!

- I found out my bestie is moving to Darwin. I have gotten so used to seeing her beautiful face everyday as we take our children to school that I pretty much bawled when she told me the news. I am already feeling quite bereft at the thought that she won't be around. I think a holiday to Darwin might have to be on the cards for next year, because she is truly one of those people who lights up your day with her smile, and soothes every concern with her wise words, and I need my fix! Especially when trying to catch curve balls.

- Galumph has been crazy busy at work, and has pretty much worked through 5 weeks straight, with only the odd day off here and there. However we did just have a weekend together, which was lovely. Two days off in a row - felt like a novelty!

So that is about the sum of things. Still, fear not - there has been knitting and even a bit of sewing going on, so keep on eye on this space, and hopefully there will be some new projects featured here soon.


  1. You sound like you have juggled a lot of hideous curve balls with chutzpah. And definitely book that Darwin holiday. It's a great place.

  2. It's nice to hear your 'voice' again. Sorry for all the crap you have been dealing with though. Looking forward to hearing about your next projects.

  3. Sometimes life just needs to be lived...thanks for updating us...but personally I can wait for your reviews until life has settled a bit. Congrats on the new job and so glad that your FIL is doing well with chemo.

  4. Sorry to hear about your curve balls - but glad they are behind you now.

  5. Anonymous8:49 pm

    So glad you're back, you've been missed!! Sounds like you've been catching those curve balls and chucking them back!

  6. OUCH. Hope everyone is back in good health soon. Take care.

  7. hate it when life does that to you, seems like everything always happens all at once! hope everyone is on the mend!

  8. Anonymous3:50 am

    So sorry to hear about all your debacles, but glad that you're back!

  9. Oh dear! That sounds like an insane time you've been happening. Lovely to hear from you again and sending smooth sailing vibes your way!

  10. Oh. Please accept a virtual hug from me.
    I was reading all of that, knowing that you would have been practically solo for the last few weeks and really feeling for you.
    Best wishes to Galumph senior, and the rest of you and your tummies.
    You know, the blog looks lovely, it's had a little reno? And no matter how mentally dishevelled you may feel that photo of you top right is the absolute picture of poise and beauty. Don't be afraid to admire it like we do! You're a star.

  11. OH! What a crazy period of lots of bad things going on, and my thoughts to you and yours with your granpa being so very unwell :( Thinking of you all!!

  12. Man it never rains, it pours. And in your case absolutely hailed! So sorry you have had all this stuff piling up on you. Good to have you back and hope everything settles down soon.

  13. Seems we can't always dodge those pesky curve balls. I'm glad you've managed to come out the other end still intact! xo

  14. Mine friend moved to Melbourne and became your friend. She's beautiful like that. And now, she's upping roots and adventuring again. She'll be further away, but she'll still be there. I know this ;)


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