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Hello friends! Here we are on the other side of the great Christmas/New Year divide, and I for one am feeling fine! I have so many amazing things that I want to achieve in 2014, so I thought that I would post them here, not only so I can refer back to them when they are not so fresh in my mind, but also so I can give myself a quick, swift kick up the ass if I'm not getting them done! So without any further fanfare, here are the things I want to do in twenty-fourteen:

- Read more books. I finished the year on a reading high, having thoroughly enjoyed The Rosie Project, Oil and Honey, Miss Hargreaves and The Two Mrs Abbots. If you've read something fabulous lately, I'd love to hear your recommendations!

- Make a cherry pie. I even bought myself a cherry stoner in the sales. That's a job for next week, I reckon!

- Eat more grains. We've figured out that the Galumph is mildly gluten-intolerant. He can handle a wee bit of gluten (like in his porridge oats) but not much, so we have made a deal: generally no gluten at home, except for the odd homemade baked treat or pasta dish. Having trialled this over the last couple of weeks, it's gone well, so I'm excited to be incorporating more gluten-free grains into our lives. We've been having the most marvellous blueberry quinoa porridge as a change in the mornings - loving the long, slow energy from that tasty dish!

- Eat more fruit. I know, I know - I say this one every year, but I've made a huge effort to eat my two pieces every day of late, and I am feeling so good for it. More fruit!

- Sayonara booze. Remember a couple of years ago I decided that coffee and I were no longer friends, and I kicked it to the curb? Well, it seems alcohol and I have had a similar falling out. I feel so sluggish and crap the day after even one glass, so I'm going to make 2014 alcohol free as I just don't think it agrees with me anymore. I'm going to miss it, but I have a feeling that better energy levels and awesome sleep will more than make up for it.

- Bring back the plastic free. Unfortunately plastic has slowly but surely crept back into our lives since we went plastic free for a month in 2007 (can you believe I've been blogging that long? Cripes!), so I am going to try and eliminate as much plastic from our day-to-day lives as I can throughout 2014. In a similar vein, I'm also going to try and reduce the amount of waste we create in general, such as food waste.

- Blog more. Cos it's fun around here!

- Be a lean, mean, budget queen. I want to use what I have rather than fork out for something new, and if I do have to buy something I'd like it to be recycled and/or ethically made.

- Get out those vintage patterns. I think 2014 should be the year of sewing vintage! Each month I'd like to sew or knit a vintage pattern, and bring a little old school elegance into my life. Should we do a vintage-a-long? That could be wicked fun!

- Do more bike rides. Preferably whilst wearing a vintage dress. Cos that's how I wanna roll! (Get it? Roll? My word, I'm even funnier this year than last!)

- Launch my knitting pattern collection. Wrists, I'm warning you now: I'm going to be doing a LOT of knitting in preparation for my launch later this year. But any wrist ache will totally be worth it. I am SO SUPER EXCITED about this!

Wow. I sure have a busy year lined up! I hope that 2014 brings you much happiness and joy, and if you are in need of a daft joke, don't forget to stop by here!


  1. Wow! You have some great resolutions/goals there! We have sorted out the 'no food waste' - we have dogs! It never seems a bad thing giving them homemade leftovers, but I guess that would be cheating a little! Good luck with your knitting patterns - I have a few sock patterns on Ravelry (I'm twotoast) - so I look forward to seeing how you get on!

  2. They look good to me as far as resolutions go. I am with you on the plastic and would like to be on the alcohol....not sure if I can make the break yet!

  3. Sounds like an awesome year ahead - especially the knitting patterns!

  4. P.S. Yes to a vintage - a long :)

  5. I'm in for the vintage-along! I sew almost exclusively from vintage pre-loved patterns. You are pretty assured off not looking like everyone else out there and it's fun!

  6. Good luck with your resolutions we could all do a few of those mentioned in your blog such as lean budget, I know I will be continuing what I started last year. Bountiful New Year for you and your family.

  7. Anonymous10:58 am

    Great plans for 2014. I love the idea of a vintage-a-long, either knitting or sewing. I am also really looking forward to seeing your knitting patterns.
    Happy 2014!

  8. I can recommend

    It's set in the Wimmera in the 1930s; a brilliantly written story. I lived in Manangatang for six months in the 70s, and honestly, very little had changed! The butcher still was all fly-wire and sawdust floors, and the bakers - heaven!

  9. I book I thoroughly enjoyed is The Seamstress. You can read my review at
    Thanks for your book reccomendations!
    I should also eat more fruit. I hate winter fruit though!

  10. Awesome list! Many are on my list too.

  11. You're launching what? Oh, well done you. That's fabulous. You've probably already told the world that here but I missed it. Soz, that's life. I miss important moments - they just whizz by. But wow. I am wowed now.

    Oh your list is perfect. I am also thinking about a lot of these things. Trying not to resolve but just thinking consciously about each one.

  12. Great resolutions, I'm looking forward to hear more about the knitting patterns. About books. I'm currently half way through "eyrie" by Tim winton. Love it so far.


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