Thursday, January 09, 2014

All white, all night

The Tyger has been asking me for quite some time to make her a nightie, and has been very particular about the details. It had to be white. Preferable old-fashioned ("Like something Lizzie or Jane would wear!"), and if could incorporate some lace or embroidery, then so much the better.

Oh, and if I could get that whipped up before a big sleepover party scheduled for (gulp!) tomorrow that would be just terrific!

So today was spent fabric shopping, quickly fabric washing (thank goodness for supersunny days), fabric cutting, fabric overlocking, and finally some fabric sewing. I think Miss Elizabeth Bennet herself would be very well pleased indeed with the results. I myself am very pleased with our fabric find. The cotton features embroidered flowers plus a gorgeous long lace edging, and was an absolute bargain at only $5.95 a metre!

Nightie #1

Nightie #2

Since we were going for a slight old-style look, we decided to have some fun with the camera, and do some spooky shots. Check out Tyger doing her very best ghost catwalking!

Nightie #3

Nightie #4

Project Details
Pattern - Pattern #12 from Ottobre Design Magazine 2/2005 (same pattern used for this dress)
Fabric - 2m of cotton with embroidery and lace edging from Rathdowne Fabrics
Notions - Elastic for sleeve edges and neckline


  1. Oh!! My 8 year old daughter has similar thoughts about sleep wear.
    Has Tyger seen Lizzy Bennet's Diary by Marcia Williams?
    My daughter was given it for Christmas and we have both enjoyed it so much. Still the language of Austen, but somewhat simplified, with gorgeous illustrations, stuck in letters and funny little asides. We have loved sharing it together so much...

  2. Anonymous8:01 am

    Nice! I think I should make one for myself!

  3. What a lucky girl your daughter is to have a mother who can make her 'made-to-order' garments.

  4. So cute, how wonderful of you!


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