Friday, January 03, 2014

Monthly menu plan - December/January + shortbread!


Monthly menu for you, and some shortbread for my dad, who is coming to visit. Yay!

Week 1
Monday - Apricot chicken with sweet potato
Tuesday - New Year's Eve. We had roasted pumpkin and carrot soup with yoghurt, roast chicken, heirloom tomato salad, asparagus + pea + snowpea + lemony feta salad, potato salad, and finished with lemon curd cheesecake. Burp!
Wednesday - Feta, vegetable and rice bake
Thursday - Frittata with peas, mint and ricotta, plus green salad
Friday - Paneer with peas and beans, on brown rice
Saturday - Cauliflower felafels with carrot yoghurt salad
Sunday - Beef and bean mix on homemade masa harina burritos with cheesy chilli and lime corn cobs

Week 2
Monday - Thai green chicken curry on brown basmati rice
Tuesday - Chana dhal with chickpea flour pancakes, and mango lassi
Wednesday - Indian pilaf with eggs
Thursday - Tofu and vegetable rice paper rolls, with coconut sago pudding with passionfruit
Friday - Baked maple glazed salmon with wilted spinach
Saturday - Spring minestrone with brown rice
Sunday - Roasted sumac pumpkin and feta soft homemade tacos

Week 3
Monday - Lentil tabouleh with haloumi
Tuesday - Asparagus risotto with garden salad
Wednesday - Spicy potato cakes with tomato and bocconcini salad
Thursday - Butter chicken rice pie
Friday - Miso glazed fish with sesame brown rice salad

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