Wednesday, January 16, 2013

White ruffle skirt

Ruffle Skirt

What do you get if you mix a birthday part invitation with a quick jaunt down to GJ's? A super sweeeeet white ruffle skirt, if you please!

I whipped this up (seriously - an hour of sewing and it was donzo!) this afternoon after Tyger and I decided that we'd rather make her friend a gift than buy one. Since I'd already made a version of this skirt for the Tyger last year, the sewing was easy. I didn't even read the instructions, just jumped right on in. Love an easy sewing project!

It's a bit hard to tell from the pic, but each section of the skirt is made from a different white fabric, and each has it's own unique texture, which I really like. I was hoping to find a white Broderie Anglaise with a scalloped edging so that I could thread a fine pink ribbon through to use as the bottom tier, but I was plum out of luck. I'll just have to remember that idea for next time!

Project Details
Pattern: Cocos ruffle skirt #15 from Ottobre Design Magazine 1/2011
Fabric: Three different white cotton fabrics from GJ's Discount Fabrics
Notions: 54cm of 20mm wide elastic for waistband


  1. A special handmade skirt is a perfect gift idea - there will be no doubles of your gift at the party. Love the different whites.

  2. Super cute! I'm sure she will adore it. Plus probably better than anything bought from the shops anyway!

  3. I don't often comment, but I always love your posts. I think we share the same love of a particular shade of green. :) Also, I nominated you for an 'Inspiring Blogger' award; no obligations though.


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