Friday, January 18, 2013

Pink Drape Drape 2 dress

Remember this little number?

Drape Drape 2 #2

Well, I have lived in it! It is one seriously comfy dress - so much so that I decided that I needed another for this summer. In hot pink, natch!

Pink Drape Drape

Once you get the hang of tracing out the pattern for this dress, it is no brainer sewing at it's best. This one I made from a super light jersey, and it is perfect for those 40C plus days, especially when your brain has melted from the heat, and the whole vexed question of what-to-wear is simply too taxing to contemplate. Drape Drape is the answer!

Project Details
Dress #2 from Drape Drape 2
Fabric: 1.5m of cotton jersey from Rathdowne Fabrics


  1. your versions look so nice and comfortable! and also with that belt... maybe I shouldn't have flipped past it quickly to reach dress no. 7 ;)
    since I'm looking for a easy-to-finish project right now, thank you for sharing your pics :D (and it doesn't matter, that here are less than 0°C.... what do i have tights and cardigans for? ;)

  2. It looks a great dress - comfy and stylish!

  3. Not that I don't like your dress (which I do), but I am jealous about the weather!!!! *snif*

  4. oh these look so comfortable! I just bought the drape drape 1 book, perhaps Ill need to invest in the drape drape 2!

  5. Lovely dress. Don't think I'll be making it any time soon as its below zero here and there is thick snow on the ground

  6. I got this book as a gift and I'm thinking of making this dress. I love it on you!

  7. Anonymous6:34 pm

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  8. When I saw this dress the first time I loved it and immediately copied you and made my own version. Your hot pink one looks absolutely fabulous! - Annie

  9. Anonymous7:45 am

    Hi there,
    Am just about to start making this dress... have the pattern cut out (which is half the battle, I think!)... And in the shower this morning I was contemplating its construction... And I thought about the binding around the arms and neck... Did you cover the edge with a bias-style trim (making bias from a knit stretch is hard! But i have done it...) or did you just fold it and stitch, so you get like a t-shirt edging to it (that you then have to iron flat)... I suppose both would work, but would love some feedback based your experience!
    - Fran

  10. Hi Fran,

    I did a t-shirt style edging around the neck - simply because I like the look of it the most! - and them just folded in my overlocked edges for the armholes and then stitched them. Nice and easy and sits well!

    Hope that helps!


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