Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Slow summer days


I'm trying so hard not to rush this summer away. People (husband, brother, even the damn piano teacher) are always telling me: slow down, girl! what's the rush?

As for that, I have no answer. What can I say - I'm a girl on the move, for what that's worth. Bouncing from one to the next, never satisfied unless another 8 projects are lined up, and then usually overwhelmed which does nothing productive but inevitably results in an increase in speed. Watch out world - Jorth is coming and she can't slow down! Who gave her a license? (nobody, thank heavens. Imagine me on the road? Shudder) When God was handing out life philosophies, he definitely grabbed one from the ant basket for me. No singing the summer away like the slothful grasshopper for me. Heck, one might enjoy themselves that way. Must. Go. On. Always. Full. Speed!

Except for this summer. A nasty bug that hit over Christmas and has lingered, casting both a pall over new year and the gift of an prescription script has meant a lot less zooming by yours truly. And loathe as I am to admit to myself, I'm actually enjoying it. Sleeping in past eight, and dribbling on the pillow. Spending a whole splendid afternoon doing nothing but knitting on the couch. Sprawling on the bed in the heat creeping in from the bedroom window despite the drawn blind, and lazily devouring a book. Heck, I'm even savouring the cracked heels and chipped sparkly nail polish from too many hours in the local pool doing the slowest breaststroke laps you ever will see.

Besides, it won't be long before Grumbles will be spending her summers hanging out with friends, leaving her poor old mum behind in her own speedy dust. I've gotta make the most of this time while I still can because one day she won't want to spend a summer with me playing Lego Friends, ramming tokens into the Connect Four set, making pancakes on the weekend morns. I've gotta grab this summer with both hands, and enjoy it. Slowly and deliberately.


  1. The years with our kids slip past wayyyy to quickly - enjoy the holiday time together, slowly, relaxing. I think most of us are living in the pool at the moment, so your not alone with the chipped nails....

  2. you are one smart cookie, with the two-hand grabbing and whatnot. our christmas holiday went much the same--i had 80mph plans, but our household was heartily sacked by illness and we had to live quiet and slow. and what do you know, 'twas actually quite grand.

    i may even do it on purpose sometime.

    enjoy your days and that girl, my dear. and feel better.

  3. Anonymous10:52 pm

    I so so agree - time is precious and she will remember

  4. Anonymous1:18 am

    Very jealous - I wish it was summer here! - just to let you know I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog/Very Inspiring Blog award - details on my blog


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