Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Putting the 'need' in needles


Er, I just have one quick knitting public announcement to make: when you need a pair of needles in a certain size to do the finishing bands of a garment, make sure you haven't already, in your foolish new-knitting-project excitement, commandeered those needles for another purpose.

Not that any of you clever crafty peeps would ever need to be told something so obvious, so basic. Nope, no knitting fools around these parts. Nup,

(races off to put paper bag on head and hide in the corner)


  1. Anonymous11:56 am

    That's what I love about interchangeable needles - no accountability whatsoever!! Just swiftly replace the needle tips with stoppers and go on your merry knitting way!

  2. Now I'm seriously tempted!

  3. I too have just bought some interchangeables for my birthday (these babies are not cheap!) and I am patiently waiting for them to arrive!I ended up getting the HiyaHiya ones.

  4. Oh dear, you better get creative. What in the world are interchangeable needles?

  5. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Yes interchangeable needles are the way to go. I love my knit pros. Mind you doesn't stop you needing new ends everytime you start a new project in my experience.

  6. Anonymous11:37 am

    You could always just move them to either a 'holding needle' or one of those huge safety pins ( designed for knitting) that one uses When one is knitting In the round ...


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