Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ballerina dress

I've had this idea simmering away in this old noggin of mine for a while, and since today was so warm that I deemed it prudent to keep my scarily lily-white skin inside for fear of sunburn slash frightening strangers it seemed like the perfect time to put the idea into action.

So: I made up a shortened version of a t-shirt for the Tyger, then wrestled with half a metre of double-layered tulle and some jersey, gathering it up to make a skirt which was then attached to the t-shirt. The Tyger, who had her nose stuck in a book, wasn't really paying much attention to what I was doing, but when it was presented to her she dropped the book to the ground, gathered the dress into her arms and slowly said in a tone of delighted disbelief "It's a ballerina dress!" As I grinned and nodded my confirmation dress she began to first chant then squeal it over and over again: "It's a ballerina dress! A Ballerina Dress! A. BALLERINA. DRESS! ABALLERINADRESSABALLERINADRESSABALLERINADRESS!"

Hee hee...I think she likes it!

Ballerina Dress #5

Ballerina Dress #4

Ballerina Dress #6

Project Details
Pattern - T-shirt pattern #19, from Ottobre Design Magazine Summer 3/2011, used as the base, with self-drafted skirt added
Fabric - 1m cotton jersey and .5m American tulle, both from GJ's Discount Fabrics


  1. How cute - can I have ne?

  2. Just awesome - my little one would just go crazy over this too! Hmmm... where's that pink tulle I had stashed :)

  3. Hello. I popped in from the Ottobre Flickr Group ad wanted to say that I loved your girl's response! So cute. :)

  4. Stephanie3:34 am

    Super cute! Does she know the Degas sculptures of the ballerinas? (especially this one:


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