Friday, July 27, 2012

Slow stitching

Cross Stitch

Reason number #4092 as to why you shouldn't stuff a craft project hurriedly into a cupboard: Because when you come across it 3 months later you will be aghast to find that you are only up to the letter F (which suddenly stands for you foolish, flibbertijibbetty forgetful filly!). So much for the 'oh yeah, I'll do one letter a day and have it done in no time' swagger you had when the kit first arrived in the mail.


  1. my main problem is picking something up and not remembering how I did it, because at the time I so cleverly improvised the pattern without writing it down.

  2. Oh I have lots of those too. At least this one will be easy to pick up and get going with. And you know what letter will come next haha. I end up with lost pattern pieces and markings and have no idea where I am up to.

  3. You're not alone! I ordered a kit before Easter that is still yet to be opened!

  4. A perfect project for watching the Olympics!

  5. Hey Michelle, it is! We've been watching the live streaming on the internet, and it's the perfect thing to stitch along to!


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