Friday, July 13, 2012

Another duffle coat - this time in green

Ack! It was meant to be so easy - take a few close up shots of the latest duffle coat baby jacket (using the same pattern/yarn/etc as here), and then ask the Tyger if she would help me out by posing with the jacket on her favourite toy dog, what with us being clean out of babies around here at the present time.

Well, I got my close ups. Look - knitted buttoney goodness!

Green Duffle #1

Green Duffle #2

But as for the gentle, quiet modelling shots..., well I might just let the results speak for themselves. However there is a reason why they say to never work with children or animals, and this is why (even if the animals are of the stuffed variety!):

Green Duffle #3

And now she's declaring that her and the stuffed dog are taking the duffle coat hostage until I knit something for her. Which is rather inconvenient, as I'm meant to deliver the duffle to our latest newborn acquaintance. Gah! When does school go back again???


  1. Anonymous6:23 am

    Another gorgeous jacket. Hopefully dog doesn't become too attached to his temporary jacket as it looks rather good on him.

  2. Gorgeous! And those photos are just beautiful, what joy you've captured in Tyger.

  3. This is adorable. The coat, the dog, the child . . . I'm curious now, did the dog get to keep it?


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