Monday, July 16, 2012

Green dress seaming


Jorth was at home, busily cleaning away after a chaotic weekend, and was just in the process of decided which dully tedious job she should tackle next - hanging out the washing, making a dent in the ironing pile or scrubbing the bathroom floor. Suddenly she stood bolt upright, almost as if she was electrified. An odd gleam glowed from behind her eyes, and she threw off her apron and said "Sod the chores! I'm going to block and seam my green knitted dress, and I'm going to do it NOW!"

And just like that she was off, rummaging around in the cupboard for her dress, which was completed except for the assembly. Her household jobs, which just moments before had seemed so important, were now left unheeded. In the parallel universe which sat directly above her own, and of which she - and the majority of human beings - were blissfully unaware, a knitting fairy was flying smugly back to her companion, who was lazily perched on the couch, giving a slow clap.

"Tell me again how you make the people bend to your will like that?" said the second fairy, full of admiration for this magic which he had not yet mastered.

"Oh, it's easy enough once you get the hang of it", replied Grenulda. "All you do is align the universes, so that ours is sitting directly above the human one. Then you lean forward, muttering the parallel universe intersection spell, so that the barrier between the two is made permeable. Then you simply give the human a poke, allowing your magic to touch them, and thus you can sway them into doing what you'd like them to do."

"All well and good", said her friend, "but I thought that we couldn't use our magic for evil. Surely this spell is one that could be abused - why, you could make them jump off a bridge, or marry the dorky chap with the protruding teeth and severe halitosis."

"Ahh, but that's the beauty of it - just as our universes must intersect, so must our heart's desires, otherwise the spell won't work. Jorth desires that she can find the time to finish up her knitted dress, and I desire to see it completed. All I've actually done is reorganise her priorities for her. Besides, I'm really doing her a big favour - if she gets a crack on, she may well just have it finished for her birthday on Thursday. Every girl needs a fancy new frock for her birthday!"

"Selflessness, thy name is Grenulda!" chortled her companion, and off they flew, leaving Jorth to muse that if she hurried up, why, she might just get her dress finished in time to wear on her birthday.


  1. I like the way both universes and heart's desire must intersect. Happy Birthday for Thursday. I'm sure you will look gorgeous in the green.

  2. Awesome! I always feel like sewing the seams together takes the longest but it's so exciting to see the pieces all coming together.

  3. Hey Jorth,

    I am doing a lot of research on fairy tales and you have really got the fairies down to a tee (especially the 17th century French ones), made me giggle when I read this post. Hope you do get to wear your dress today)


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