Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where angels, alas, are too bored to tread

The elder angel sat with his younger charge, both of them stretching out luxuriously on the wide oak branch, watching the cars zoom along the distant road. "See, now, that's the problem with the world these days" said the elder. "Everybody is in such a darn hurry. I long for the 16th century, when I could happily fly over to check on my favourite wee villages in England, and find the same group of reliable, God-fearing folk, busily going about their day-to-day business, most often outside. Yea, many was the happy day I spent watching over them all, listening with pleasure to the simple thoughts they had. The best part was how they cared about each other, you know? But now all I can hear is the roar of engines and motors as the humans rush about their business. If only they could realise that just being human is one of the nicest parts of existence, and take some time to slow down and enjoy it".

The younger angel gazed at his mentor with rapturous attention, and murmured his assent. He always enjoyed hearing the tales of days gone by, especially from such experienced angels such as this one, who seemed to have been there and seen it all. They sat in companionable silence, save for a fleeting visit by their friend the east wind who rustled gently through the leaves of the oak on his way through, when the elder said "Come - let us depart, and make haste! I know somebody who, although often in a rush, does have some interesting thoughts. Let us fly!"

And so they flew, whipping from their perch to soar along the very edge of the earth, like two blasts of pure speeding light. In a timeless moment they were outside the window of Jorth, who was looking with dismay at her latest dress, wondering what exactly she could do to salvage it. The elder angel whispered in a glorious voice that could be heard, if chosen to be listened to, throughout both heaven and hell, but passed human ears by completely: "This one often has the most fascinating thoughts bouncing through her head. Sometimes she even gets close - well, as close as a human can - to sensing the divine, but it always slips outs of her grasp at the instant she becomes aware of it. Let us see what she is thinking of today."

Leaning closer in, both angels concentrated on Jorth's thoughts, which unfortunately today went along the lines of "Bloody heck! This thing is a mess! What AM I doing to do to fix it? Stupid, stupid thing. Gaaaaaaaaah!"

Despite the angels listening for quite some time ("After all, said the angel, "despite the fact we have eternity, I really can't hang around and listen to that all day") no further thoughts of interest were forthcoming.

"Oh well", said the elder, smiling down at his young charge. "You win some, you lose some. Yes, I do miss the 16th century days..."

As they flew off, Jorth looked up suddenly from her sewing, convinced she had seen a flash of light. Or was it the sound of the lightest footfall? Or perhaps a feather, fluttering gently down in the air? Shaking the fancies out of her head, she bent her head back down to her work, muttering once more "Gah! Stupid thing!"



  1. Well, I guess we all have our moments! ♥

  2. when you have retired from your current twenty six forms of awesome, you should write a book. alrighty? alrighty.

  3. Rushing through my day reading or skimming rather my favorite blogs (this is one of 'em) I for some reason decided to actually pause and read. Lovely.

  4. The draping not going so well? I'm sure it'll turn out beautifully :)
    And i agree, you should write a book!


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