Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I gave you my heart and then you ate it

Heart Toast

Nothing, I've always maintained, but nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day!" more than eggy heart shaped toast. Thanks, Galumph!


  1. heheee, nice one!
    love the heart ♥

    hope you had a happy LOVE day ♥

  2. Aw, that says "love" with a capital L.

  3. that is my kind of valentine. (i'm a nothing-er too. but i shall now have to update the hubby that when i say nothing, this could be loosely interpreted to include eggy wonders.)

  4. hee hee the best valentines Ive seen so far why?
    everyday ordinariness: toast n eggs
    nothing out of the ordinariness: its still breakfast
    context: a show of love
    cost: nothing
    effort: no more than usual
    result: message conveyed "I love you"

  5. awww, so sweet (and tasty!)


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