Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 20 something (yes, I'm losing count) - Köln

After Copenhagen, we caught the train (which ends up being put on a ferry for a portion of the journey - coooool!) and then stayed in Köln (Cologne) in Germany for a few nights. I really wanted to show you the amazing Gothic cathedral, but the damn thing wouldn't even fit in my lens.

I kid you not. That thing is bloody huge!
I have discovered that when you are continuously on the road, you start thinking some really odd things. For example, there I am, gazing up at the oldest Gothic cathedral in the world, and all I can think is "Gee that statue looks like Ringo Starr!"

Or: "Hmmm, I wonder how many people set themselves alight on the prayer candles?"
Or even, upon exiting the gloomy grandeur, "Geepers creepers - how do you get yourself onto that BierBike?!"

Like I said, strange thoughts.


  1. Ah, is that where Ringo went. Clearly there was (everlasting) life after the Beatles!

    Love the BierBike ... better not show it to Mr HB or he'll be on the first plane to Denmark.

  2. haha, yep I'd be thinking Ringo too

  3. Awesome! Did you climb the cathedral tower? I did, once.. never again... all those teeny tiny steps. The view was amazing though. Fun to read about your adventures!


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