Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 17 - Copenhagen

Dear Copenhagen,

I think I love you! I love your beautiful layout, peppered with open public squares and fantastically beautiful buildings. I love your delightful gardens, and your cobblestone streets. I love how clean and proud you are, with your friendly citizens and brightly painted homes.

I also love your bike lanes. OH MY SAINTED AUNT, do I love those bike lanes. They are so safe and easy to use and for the love of all that is environmentally good Melbourne, when the heck are you going to get with the program? That Swanston Street "Copenhagen-style" bike lane is a frigging joke once you've been on the real thing.

(Note from Ed: are you writing a love letter to Copenhagen, or a hate missive to Melbourne's pathetic transport planningm policies?)

Oops, sorry! Back to Copenhagen. Yes, those bike lanes rock. They make your city so easy to use, and add such a friendly air. Not to mention clean air! Copenhagen, I LOOOOOOOOOVE you! I'm seriously thinking about moving there. After all, Microsoft have their second largest corporate offices there - the Galumph would fit right in! And there's only four international schools which Grumbles could attend. Not that I Googled or anything *whistles a tune innocently*

And I especially loved the smørrebrøds, especially the smoked salmon and dill numbers. Nagdammit, they were gooooooood!


  1. As a European I love reading about your adventures in Europe. You seem to be quite lucky with the weather! You inspire me to visit these beautiful places. Being German I have been to all these countries, but not to the specific places you went. It looks all so lovely (and quite often, grand, too).

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your trip. I am really enjoying my vicarious European vacation. Copenhagen has just moved up my list of "must visits". Your photos of Grumbles are so charming. What a lucky girl to have this experience.

  3. Been so outta blogging for so long, so it's fab to see you're still here, and still inspiring me (I mean, making me feel lazy....!) And that you're all so happy and well.

    I lost your e-mail address when my old pc kind of blew up, otherwise I would ask you this question in an e-mail. Which Canon is your camera? I'm sure you posted it somewhere but I just can't find it.

    Grumbles is sooooo delightful, by the way.

  4. The Bean2:42 pm

    Dear J, Big G and Little G

    The blog and all your pictures and tales are lovely.

    We have been sightseeing too. Today we went to a place called the CBD. S went to the dentist, then we went to see Ms K (aka Mama) who works in the Southern Cross building which has taken the place of the old hotel where the Beatles stayed in the 60s. Mr and Ms K are not old enough to remember that. Their 80s memories are more about the bowling alley. Hmmm, doesn't really match Europe.

    Looking forward to catching up on your return. S is missing little G very much. Will you be back in time for the mini maestros concert on Nov 28th?

    K,K,S & M

  5. Really enjoying your photos of Europe. I spent some timein Finland (mainly) last year and daydream of spending more time there. Thank you for sharing!


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