Friday, November 27, 2009

We're baaaaaack!

Good grief - how hopeless am I at the holiday blogging? For all you know, I could still be stuck in that cathedral at Köln. Instead, we caught the train to Paris, where we stayed for a week, then caught the Eurostar back to the UK, where we footled around visiting relatives of the Galumph before hitting up London town.
And then we flew home.

And then four days later we bought a house.

Yes, it's mad. Absolutely stark raving mad. I have no fingernails left, as I nibbled them all to pieces due to stress, but who needs nails when you have a HUGE WHOPPING DEBT? Geez, talk about killing that holiday feeling.

Anyhoo, we move in a couple of weeks, which means we'll be celebrating Christmas in our new abode. Hoorah! I can sticky tape tinsel to the walls, and not worry about losing my bond if some paint comes off when I rip it down in the new year. Heck, I could paint blue sqiggles all over the walls if I like! Not that I will, but I could. Giddy days!

In the mean time, here's a sneaky peak at some Paris pics. I think I'll still post pictures on the blog, it just won't have that 'live blogging' vibe to it. More a distant "hey-remember-when-we-were-young-and-debt-free" nostalgic haze.
Oh, there's been sewing. Yes! Actual sewing! So stay tuned ;-)


  1. Oh definately, show more pictures of your trip. Also of your new house. Congratulations! I know the debt part is scary but owning your own home is so rootmaking. Good luck with your move.


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