Friday, March 20, 2009

Not a good way to go

Last night, whilst I was at the movies (Easy Virtue, rather good, go see it!), Grumbles and Galumph amused themselves at home by building a Lego house. And boy, is this a good one: two chimneys, lots of windows to let in natural light, a groovy indoors-outdoors aspect, balcony and attic.

However, something is not quite right. Something amiss. Something you don't usually see on a normal house on a daily basis...

OMG! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT LEGO MAN UP TO?????? Get down from there, right now, mister! I swear, you're giving me a heart attack, being perched all the way up there! What are you trying to do? Survey your lovely green piece of land from the best vantage point? Considering diving into your as-yet tragically unbuilt pool? Blast off into the stratosphere? Put a sharp end to your plastic existence? I hate to be the one to tell you, but jumping won't work - you'll just bounce. Being plastic, and all.

Grumbles is at kinder, Galumph is at work and I am sitting here, with no idea what is going on.
Help me, please!


  1. That is a seriously good house. I wouldn't be at all concerned about its inhabitant, he appears to be wearing a helmet.

  2. In my experience the worst that will happen is Lego Man's head will fall off and roll under the fridge. Actually, that may be a little disturbing ... unless you perchance also own the rare, limited edition "Headless Horseman" Lego set?

  3. or the dog will eat lego man...

    btw i hope you don't mind i but i nominated you for a sisterhood blog award on my blog




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