Wednesday, March 25, 2009

From U.F.O to W.I.P in six point five... months

I know many of my dear readers have been relentlessly logging on to Jorth, desperate for news on the progress of Harvey, from Rowan Studio 1. Well rest easy, folks: I'm pleased to announce that I have finished the second sleeve, and am now ready to pick up the stitches on the neckline. Once the collar is done the darn thing will be ready to be blocked, sewn and worn. About time!

Remember me?

Maybe I'll do that tonight whilst watching Harvey. Harvey and Harvey. Lovely! What can I say - I'm a sucker for Jimmy Stewart. Life's always better with a 6 feet tall white rabbit around, hey?


  1. I love that movie!

    Inigo was very nearly called Harvey - but my husband wouldn't go for it.

  2. can't' wait to see the FO ;) I have been eyeing Harvey for ages, but am waiting till i see a few more FOs before knitting it myself.


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