Friday, March 27, 2009

Do you take this green clad creature?

Grumbles is lying in bed with a nasty cold, and occasionally, as I sit out here in the lounge room typing this, I can hear a little cough. Poor thing. This does not bode well as we have not one but two weddings to go to this weekend: my sister on Saturday and my step-sister-in-law on Monday. No coughs allowed!
I love going to weddings. I love getting dressed up, and the yummy food at the reception, and seeing friends and family that one doesn't get to see often enough. But most of all I like to check out what the bride is wearing! My other sister had the most amazing beaded strapless gown - she looked incredible. As she moved the beads would catch the light, and she dazzled us all with her beauty.
I, on the other hand, wanted a more earthy sort of look. So I designed myself a frock of green. What can I say - I wanted to look like a wood elf! As I sketched out the design all I could think of was trees and brambles and heather and, um, chlorophyll. I must say the dress went down a treat - at the reception a whole possee of aunties kept following me around, clutching at the fabric as I tried to meet and greet. I was attended by their mutterings of "Would you look at that - she's put flowers and leaves on her dress!" "Yes, dear, and look - those edges on the leaves have just been done with pinking shears - now that's what I call clever!"
Those memories still make me smile. It was a very good day.


  1. Anonymous4:16 pm

    what a beautiful bride! And a smashing frock
    glad you're back on the airwaves!

  2. Aww, thanks Jenny! *blushes goofily*

  3. Beautiful! Love it.

  4. Wood nymph indeed. A beautful dress J.
    I chose green too. My Mum made it for me.

  5. gorgeous dress - you both look lovely :)

    hope poor grumbles is feeling better

  6. Could you *be* any more stunning ?
    I wish I could enlarge that pic so I could take a good look at that dress - it looks divine !

    And your hubby has such the baby face ( and I mean that in the most gorgeous way )- how old are you teens here ? :p

  7. Your dress looks amazing (and so do you), that's such a beautiful colour! How about a closeup so we can see the detail?

  8. i'd love to make my own wedding dress too!

  9. Don't you look gorgeous. Really stunning.

  10. Umm? Can we get a closer look? Some details? That teeny, tantalizing pic is TORTURE! :p


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