Thursday, August 21, 2008

Role reversal

Jorth: Ack! This rain! This never ending, drizzling, annoying rain! Don't tell me we need it, don't tell me the trees will be grateful - I need to buy milk, and we're going to get soaked if we head out into this infernal rain! *stamping of feet and tossing of head*

Grumbles: It's okay, Mum, it's ok. Calm down!


  1. those are some cute boots. i'd be a bit more friendly toward the rain if i could stamp about in some stripey boots.

  2. be kind to the farmers jorth...we want/need the rain so the grass will grow, so the livestock have something to eat and drink, so they can make yummy seeds planted will grow into lovely plump grain, so we all have something to the farmers family have water to drink and to bathe kind to the rain falling.....and in the words of billy connelly...there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropraite clothing.xx

  3. I seriously don't want to whine about the never-ending rain, but seeing as our damns are only 33% full - still after weeks of rain - I have to admit I'm grumbling somewhat.

    It's a laundry thing.


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