Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The most splendid and FREE sewing patterns around!

Have you guys checked out Burdastyle? Oh my sainted aunt, there are some SPIFFY patterns up there! Now that the sun is shining, the birds are twittering, the flowers are blooming and spring is around the corner, I am thinking mad, mad sewing thoughts. Here are some on my to-make list:



I'm sitting here now at the computer whilst Grumbles sleeps, wondering if it's evil to wake her up so we can catch a tram down to the fabric shop. That'd be wrong, huh? Damn. If only I didn't have to organise my knitting club for tonight, I would be hunting through my fabric stash right now, planning and cutting and tinkering away.

I think Jocelyn is to be the first cab off the rank, although I'd prefer mine in bright, crazy red. I want the model's hair, too. And her legs. I swear, the more I exercise, the more my thighs chunk up, yet my arms remain flaccid and tone-less. ACK! That's not supposed to happen.

Sorry, got a bit off the track there. Back to the sewing. What's everybody else planning for summer projects? Surely I'm not the only one with the sewing bug!


  1. For my summer project, I think I fancy sewing some arms like the model's. Or re-fashioning my own. Maybe I could just re-purpose mine. If I'd been in time, I could have made them into a mother for that poor baby whale in Sydney harbour.

    Enough silliness. Great stuff at Burdastyle. Might just have a go (once I've got the new arms sorted).

  2. No, you are not. I actually hacked into a beloved, saved-for-the-perfect-project the other day, to make something. Of course, now I am second guessing, and am not sure I ever actually want to wear it, but at least I did SOMETHING, right? :p


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