Monday, August 20, 2007

On the weekend

Wow - what a crazy, hurly burly weekend we just had. We:

- Took Grumbles to the Aquarium as a belated birthday trip with her Gram. I think she enjoyed it, even if she did yell herself horse screaming "Look, Emo! (That's what she calls Nemo). Look, Dory! Look, EMO! Emo, Emo, EMO!"

- Got ourselves taken out as a belated birthday trip to the Rialto's 41st level restaurant. It was a lovely evening, even for a person who is scared of heights. I'm probably the only person ever who ate there to keep her back most assiduously to the window! The worst bit was when the Galumph's dad kept insisting that we wander around to view the city from every possible angle. I was holding tight onto that wine glass - I needed all the Dutch courage I could get!

- Got my other blog, Dinner Daily, featured on Whip Up. Wooohoooo! Thanks, Whip Up folks!

- Started developing a sore throat, just when I'd thought I was safe from the illnesses suffered by the Galumph and Grumbles for last couple of weeks. To you, sore throat, I say No! I REFUSE to get sick!

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  1. On whip up, wow !!!! Fame, good going. I love aquariums too.


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