Friday, August 10, 2007

Aunty Cookie says relax

Oh dear - the Grumbles has that dreadful cough that is going around. She's in her room now, supposedly for a sleep, but all I can hear is her feeble little 'cough, cough' noise. Poor old tiger who doesn't sleep.

So it's a quiet day around chez Jorth. I'm going to bring out the paints for Grumbles and amuse myself with my awesome Aunty Cookie goodies (thanks, Shannon!). Oh, and maybe peruse the first ever issue of Mix Tape magazine. How good is it?

And to keep you all entertained, since I am infinitely boring today, here's some spiffy links. Don't say I don't keep y'all occupied.

FitzPatterns - some pretty cool free sewing patterns to download
BurdaStyle - even more rocking free sewing patterns
The Modern Pattern Design book, published in 1942 - this is actually a great pattern design course for anybody who is interested in designing their own clothes.
Mr Bean-style Teddy Bear - what can I say except awwwww!
Keepin' It Real - what would celebs look like if they were just normal folk like you and I. Freaking hilarious! The Gwyneth one is my favourite.


  1. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Lovely goodies!

    Got my copy of the Mix Tape zine, I love your column! Great work! Can't wait to see what you do next.

  2. oooh so jealous you have your Aunty Cookie stuff already! loved your bit in the MixTape too.

  3. Hey Lisel, I made a flickr group for aunty cookie fabric etc makings - so if you make something it would be great to see a photo.


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