Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sheep and slippers and getaways and prizes!

Well, well, well! Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes, especially from the delurkers. It was fun to find out who you all were, that's fer sure. As for the birthday prize - last night I made the Galumph do some computer wizardry involving random selection and lots of coding that I don't understand (confession: I didn't even ask him to explain it to me, just in case I put my 'glazed, tuned-out' face on, which I try and avoid at all costs - I think the secret to a happy marriage is appearing to be most interested at all times). So, after he mucked around for a while he came up with a winner.

What, you want me to tell you who it is now? Ok, it's (drumroll, please)... Boffcat! Well done, you. Send me your address, and I'll put your pressie in the post pronto.

Rightio. What other news? Oh, we went away for my birthday, and stayed in the cutest little cottage ever, but man oh man was it cold! The Galumph, being much more of a wuss than I am, was walking around during the day wearing him jim jam pants under his normal ones, the sooky la la! Twice we woke up to frost covered ground, which excited me beyond all reasonable expectations, so much so that I found on both mornings outside in my very non-waterproof slippers snapping away at the frost goodness of it all. See?

Very ugly pink sheepskin slippers may have been injured (i.e. soaked through) during the taking of this photograph.

It was so nice to be away from the hustle 'n' bustle of the big smoke. The cottage we stayed in was on the edge of a small country town, and opposite us, on the other side of the road, was a paddock full of sheep. We all spent far to many hours sitting on the verander, listening and watching the sheep and lambs go about their daily business. What can I can, it wasn't baaaaaaaad!

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  1. "I think the secret to a happy marriage is appearing to be most interested at all times"

    haha! I do think you might be onto something here.

    Perhaps you should start a Jorth book of wisdom. :)


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