Friday, July 27, 2007

Plant yerself a tree

I don't know what your plans for the weekend include, but I'm going to plants some trees, for this weekend includes National Tree Day. It's a pretty cool set up - you find a site in your neighbourhood, then pop along on the day, help with the planting and then pig out on the free bbq afterwards. Sweeeet! In fact, I think the one I'm going to even has a band playing.

To quote from the official site, "The planting of these local native trees helps to provide food and shelter for Australia's wildlife, increasing native biodiversity and combating the habitat loss that threatens much of our wildlife." In a big city like Melbourne, which has one of the greatest urban sprawl rates in the world (one of the websites I visited before defined it as 'world class'. Geez, like it's something to be proud of?!?), I think a few more trees or shrubs certainly wouldn't go astray.

So grab yourself some gardening gloves, and I'll see you there!

Oh, and for anybody interested, here's a nice little easily disgestible article on Ecocities. Enjoy!


  1. I planted a tree in my own backyard LAST weekend - does that count ?

    I've also got some cuttings I planned to stick in the ground this weekend too.

    But then, I am in the process of poisoning a camphor tree ( google it, it's a noxious pest ) in the front yard.

    So i'm not sure how my tally rests ?

    Grow one, kill one.. ?!

  2. Anonymous2:14 pm

    hullo Mme Jorth. Love reading your blog. Happy birthday! I cannot read at work as the mere mention of the word "blog" sends the firewall up (think, Get Smart) and there goes my favourite blogs!
    But, today, I have the privilege and pleasure to read, because I am at home with a broken heart. Cough, splutter, flop. Weep. Sigh.

    But it's not all bad, coz I get to catch up on what you've been doing.
    Enjoy your tree planting, and bless you, your Grumbles and your Galumph.
    Miss J

  3. P.S. - thought it sounded fun, so went to the site to see where we could pop over to.

    Was met with a whole list of grey, and the words: "Please note: Sites 'greyed out' are not open to the public"

    So the one area open to me was like, 5,000 mils away.

    I think we'll stick to our own backyard ;)

  4. H'n'b - pat yourself on the back for last's weeks planting. You're ahead of the pack!

    Miss J, I'm very sorry about your broken heart. They suck rocks big time. You're far better off without the sod anyhow! They're a big sooky la la, and once I'm sure I saw them pick their nose and eat it. Really!

    Feel better now?

  5. Anonymous8:14 pm

    I love the idea. Thankfully, I already live in a very green city (Hamburg, Germany)and with 22 % of the city already being parks and green, and many many trees along the streets I think the treeplanting is already taken care of :-) But there can never be enough trees, thats for sure! I love them so much. At the moment I have a very tree-based present for my dad in the making, I will blog about it after I have given it to him.

  6. Anonymous12:36 am

    ace jorth, thanks. MUCH better!

  7. The students at my daughter's school planted a heap of trees in the newly renovated grounds. Mostly natives, I think, and they'll look gorgeous in a couple of years time. So, I did nothing myself!


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