Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm melting, I'm melting!

If there's one thing this heat has taught me, it's that I really need to get cracking on sewing some more summer dresses. I've worn my spotty orange number three days in a row now (yes, stinky). However, it's far too hot to sew. It's even too hot to jump on the tram with toddler in tow to go fabric shopping (you know things are dire indeed when it's too hot to shop!)

Grumbles checking out the Butterfly house at the zoo on the weekend. Awwwww!


  1. Atleast you will be looking good! As for smelly well, breathing is overrated sometimes...

  2. Yeah, any chance to just rub in again how good you look in that dress. Still, so would I!

    Grumbles is very good toddler, to go fabric shopping with you.

  3. I want to have some of those degrees over here!!!

  4. Are you saying you have no spare fabric anywhere in your house, or no old unloved dress you could remake into another version of "spotty dress"?

  5. Anonymous5:28 am

    If you're still solid and not liquid, I've just tagged you. Otherwise, my hand's . . . wet.


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