Friday, January 05, 2007

Hot in the city (the heat, that is, not me!)

Forgive the tired, glazed look. It's been rather warm here the last few days, and our house is an oven, which makes it a little bit hard to get a decent nights sleep. At least I'm feeling cool and funky in my brand new top!

Geez, everybody is making them! I highly recommend this pattern - it doesn't use too much fabric, takes only a few hours, and is just challenging enough to save me from being bored. I've already got another cut out and ready to go, and plans for about 6 others swirling around the old noggin.

Project specs
Pattern - Simplicity 4589, Style F in size 6


  1. it's gorgeous, LOVE the fabric.

  2. That top is gorgeous and you look fab.

    How come the last time I saw a work from you, it was in a Sz 8 ?! Since Xmas you seem to be slimming, whereas all my clothes are decidedly tightening .. erg.

  3. Anonymous8:31 pm

    SIZE 6!!! And i thought i was small!!! Looks fab btw.

  4. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Wow, it's gorgeous! And extra points if you've being sewing (or really doing anything beyond melting) in this heat....

  5. Oh, don't you look stunning! I always look so horrid and unstylish in summer. If I could only look that good.

  6. Anonymous3:28 pm

    oooh noice work crafty lady!! can I just pay you to make me one...although it may require me to puirchase a mumu amount of fabric??

    Im sweating like a beast in this weather, as you can imagine.....

  7. I´ll go and throw myself in the snow for you!
    Love the top, might give that one a try myself.

  8. Anonymous10:11 am

    I love the top it looks great although I think you are showing off when you metioned it was a size 6!!!!!!!! man gone are those days.......

  9. Great top, I admire your patience to sew in such heat.

  10. Your top is so pretty! I'll have to make one for the summer....Hah, I had to double-take before I realised you are in Australia, for I live in England and no way could anyone be wearing a top like that now - !

  11. Anonymous12:27 pm

    WOW - this top is really cute!!! Have noted down the pattern number (though I only wish I could buy a size 6!!) - love your choice of fabrics - Isnt Amy Butler just the greatest?

  12. you know, this looks WAAAAY better on you than the pic on the pattern envelope. You wear it well, girlie.


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