Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm too old to crash on the floor

Oi there, Tiger. Off the boat now. I don't even know whose boat this is, let alone why we're clamouring all over it (actually, one of our party knows the owners, but still!), so off we get.

Besides, we've got Hanukah to celebrate at Grandad and Buba's place. Lots of food, and even more ducking of the pschyco minor bird that shall be hell bent on swooping anybody who ventures into the backyard, let alone anywhere near it's nest. And then, just for fun, you're going to miss your afternoon sleep, become exceedingly over-tired, and then insist on sleeping with us tonight. Normally I don't mind that so much - it is, after all, a very pure and wonderful pleasure to wake in the middle of the night, and hear your soft breathing, and know that all is well in our little world - but tonight we've got Poppa staying with us, and he's sleeping in our bed, which means that if you want to sleep with us then Galumph and I will have to be in sleeping bags on the floor of your room, because there's simply no room on the couch for anybody else, no matter how small they are.

Oh no: the waterworks have started in earnest. You really want us near. Okay, my love. I'll trade you one cold, hard floor for a cessation of tears. Deal? Deal. Sleep well, tiger.


  1. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Ah, the things parents do... ;)

  2. YOU'RE too old! The times I've squeezed into Charlie's toddler bed (it's tiny - you have to lay all curled up), while he sleeps in our huge, comfy one. He moves about so much in his sleep I just can't sleep next to him. Like you, I'd rather he slept well, than I.

    Hope the floor wasn't too bad!


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