Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas has come early!

Sometimes, as I’m busy inside, doing whatever it is I’m doing whilst Grumbles has her sleep, I’ll hear the vrooooooom-vroom-vroom of the mailman’s motorbike. The mail’s come! Hooray! What surprises does it have in store for me today? However – this poses a dilemma. A decision has to be made – do I creep out and gather it up, at the risk of waking up Grumbles (and cursing myself, every single time, for not oiling our very squeaky front door), or do I wait patiently inside, then hold her hand as we go out together? Oh, the tussle between patience and temptation!

I can bitterly inform you that it is a terrible disappointment to do the not-so-quiet creep, waking up Grumbles in the process, to be rewarded with the likes of… a CityWater bill. Yay. And another from the electricity company. Hmmm. And oh look, just to really cheer me up, our credit card statement. And Grumbles, well, grumbling in her bedroom.

“You woke me up for CityWater? Jeeeeez, Mum” her cranky red face will say. “I had at least another 40 minutes of sleep in me, or would have if you didn’t insist of galumphing around, gathering bills. No more craft time for you! Plus I’m going to be a grump for the rest of the afternoon. Not really worth it now, huh?”

So it is with much pleasure that I show you my mail box spoils today! And the best bit is that, being a parcel, it was delivered early by the contractor guy, rather than the regular mailman, so no waking up of anybody. Huzzah!

Snazzy notebook holder, with a lovely new notebook, so I can write down all my ideas, and then one day turn them into a publishing sensation, and some sweet photos of Grumbles taken by her office mate. Shannon, you RAWK! The best internet blogging friend a girl could ever wish for!


  1. Anonymous6:25 pm

    My dilema is...can I cope with walking through the flies that have taken up residence in the shade of the porch and then walk up the drive in 38 deg. heat and then walk back through the flies and get indoors without letting any of them in?!!

    herhimnbryn here.. blogger wouldn't let me in any other way!

  2. Hurray! For your snazzy ideas. Lucky Grumbles, such a dear little lovey, to have you for a mum.

  3. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Your most welcome - so weird my bloglines has ditched you and I missed the resurgance of your mojo!!

  4. Hey! I recognise that notebook! Glad you like it.


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