Thursday, December 07, 2006

Can you believe this was my husband's first concert!

I never again want to find myself in such a large space with some many sugared up children again. It was madness. It was chaos. It was a Wiggles concert.

Actually, it wasn't too bad. The new Yellow Wiggle was pretty good, although he sadly lacks those Peter Gallagher-esque eyebrows of Greg that I loved so much. And Grumbles was supremely well behaved (read: completely overwhelmed), and quietly sat eating her dates and raisons whilst every single other child in the entire arena ate chips and lollies.

But never mind the songs, or the dancing, or the choreography - the best fun was watching the two mums with four boys between them, who we had the good fortune to be sitting behind, continually slapping the kids everytime they slapped their brothers. "I've TOLD you not to smack your BROTHER!" Thwack. Thwack.



  1. Anonymous5:53 pm

    I think i'll be sending Kev on his own with the girls when they eventually go to a Wiggles concert. I'll stay home and sane.

  2. Brave.

    No concerts for us so far - mummy is a meanie scrooge ;)

    And i'll teach you not to hit your little sister/brother *THWACK*. Gotta love it (thwack !)

    Ahhh .. the greater community at large. Have another lolly ? :)

  3. I think I could quite enjoy a Wiggles concert on my own without my children and just watch the other parents!!!!

    Is your husband keen to go to another concert?

  4. The Wiggles are on the list of things I don´t miss about Australia.

  5. Oh, dear. Your cartoon story of the thwacking mums has me speachless.

    I'm reading that knitting mystery Knit One, Kill Two, and went to bed last night with visions of your beautiful yoga wrap.

  6. Oh my, tears of laughter! I think you were so brave going to the concert.

    Just to let you know.....Jorth the Blog has been presented on my blog as a 'Christmas gift' today! Hope you don't mind?

  7. When Sons #2 and 3 were little, the Wiggles played local church halls and civic centres, and shook hands with all the kids and posed for photos with them. I couldn't face one of their mega-concerts these days.

    (Yes, I am really old).

  8. Anonymous2:13 pm

    I went to the wiggles last year - I am embaressed to say but IT WAS GOING OFF!

  9. Hmm .. but where is this ?
    You look no closer than I was to Robbie.

    Actually, after last night, and seeing this pic, I reckon i'm too old and crotchety for concerts.

    From now on, The Wiggles and Robbie et al must only make personal appearances in my home.

    I wish I was the Queen. Command performances in my lounge. Yes.


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