Friday, September 08, 2006


So much going on, so little to report. Here's a stab at it, anyway:

- Since the weather has decided to become rainy and miserably grey again, Grumbles and I have been indulging in some paint therapy to banish the rain clouds away. Must be working as the weather forecast for next week is fine, fine, fine!

- I've been devouring books whilst the Galumph busies himself with conferences calls almost every evening of the week. The latest is Monash: The Outsider Who Won The War by Roland Perry (isn't that the best name? Roooooooland Peeeeerrrrry!). Fascinating stuff, even though military history isn't usually my cup of tea.

- I've been sewing jeans for Grumbles. Really must get my behind into gear and post a picture. Maybe whilst I'm at it I could post pics of the three pairs of cords I made her, too.

- I've also been knitting a super cute tweedy jacket for her. Isn't my logic superb - wait until summer is upon us, and then embark upon a winter garment. Ahem. (Actually, it's taken me so long because I had to translate the pattern from French, and just kept putting it off. Remarkably, when I finally sat down to do it, it wasn't that hard after all, as is always the way)

- I've been eating really, really well this week. Salads with dinner every night, and heaps of greens. I must admit, I feel great. Bright eyed and bushy tailed and all that.

- Finally received the latest Phildar Pitchoun knitting magazine in the mail, and my giddy aunt it's a ripper! And do you know the best bit - IT NOW COMES WITH AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION! (runs around loungeroom, skidding on the crayons that litter the floor whilst waving arms in the air)

Right, off to sew back pockets onto Grumble's new pair of jeans.


  1. Anonymous12:39 pm

    What a lovely painting!
    I think we'll do some more of it today!

  2. Great painting! And thanks for banishing those rain clouds away! Do you also do temperature control?Coz I'd really like it sunshiney and oh, about 20 degrees for the weekend puhlease ;)

  3. look forward to the pics of the jeans. I shoudl do the same and eat really well...this week and next!! I know i would feel so much better than i do now!

  4. those crayons are a hazzard aren't they :)

  5. Crikey, you are very industrious. I love the sound of the clothes you're making for little one. You really have to post the photos (modelled, of course).

    I like that painting - colourful. Charlie likes overpainting his paintings until they're BROWN.

  6. Anonymous9:47 am

    you dont want to hear what my weeks has consisted of..lots of milo and sleep. And greens? what are they?

  7. Great artwork Miss G.
    Tweedy jacket sounds good too, can we see a pic when it's done?

  8. Comes right after her Mum that crafty little one!

  9. What a great painting. Ha ha. Love comment by chest of drawers and the bit where you're about the room on crayons over the English translations. Hello to your giddy aunt from me. You crack me up.

  10. Oh you have a giddy aunt too! I say that all the time.

    I do the knitting in spring thing too. I've been making wrist warmers and mittens all week ...

  11. love that gorgeous painting!


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