Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A moving target is hard to shoot

Man, that kid can move. And move. And move some more. But I did my best. I present to you all Jeans featuring Grumbles.

Project specs:

Pattern - My own
Fabric - Stretch denim for jeans, red dot cotton (same as top) for pocket linings)
Description - Loose jeans style pants, with front and back yokes, front jeans style pockets (lined), back pockets, contrast top stitching and elastic waist.

I deliberately made the pants rather long, as I wanted her to get a couple of years wear out of them. The pattern is so easy - so far I've made two pairs of jeans plus three pairs of cords, all with elasticised waists so she can pull them on easily for herself (coughtoilettrainingcough).

Best of all, I'm pretty sure Grumbles likes them. She happily spends many a minute each day stuffing picked flowers into all four pockets, so I'm glad I included them (I dare say the people who grew the flowers aren't so pleased, but I can't stop her, I've tried!)


Ahoy there, me hearties! Don't forget that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrrrrr!


  1. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Oh too cool! She looks so cute. Price em up - lola shall be needing that exact outfit! I squeezed her into the short sleeve spotty versin of that on satdi- not much arm movement from her....

  2. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Arrrr! That do be an AWESOME pairrrr of pants!! :)

  3. Those be great lookin' jeans me matey!

  4. What a gorgeous little outfit. You are just so clever. Very sylish little girl (and Mum, of course).

  5. Anonymous7:13 pm

    They are great! Isn't it tiring just watching them move?

  6. Anonymous9:58 pm

    They are fabulous! Look beautiful with the spots too (love those spots). Arrr! Pieces of eight! Cutlass!

  7. True happiness in those pics.

  8. Hi! It's been forever since I've been visiting blogs, but I'm back online AND just had to chime in to tell you that your Grumbles is adorable and that your jeans are quite fabulous as well. Cheers!

  9. International Talk Like a Pirate Day? You're talking like Pirates on 9/19 in Australia? Wow. That is so cool. I love your jeans, and Grumbles pictures, especially the third one. My mom made me beautiful dresses, but we had store bought jeans, with plaid linings on the huge turned-up cuffs, and plaid shirts.

  10. Very impressive! How did your sewing machine cope with the denim? Mine always breaks a needle when I go over a seam ...


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