Tuesday, November 08, 2005

She's a crafty witch, this one

I am hoping that very shortly this tangled mess:

...becomes this:
I've been rereading some of the Harry Potter books, and whilst I was wrestling with picking up the 150 odd stitches, I kept glancing over at the vase in which my needles were kept, wishing that they were wands so that I could just wave one and tada! it would be done. I can almost hear Mr Ollivander now: "Remarkable! 35cm long pale bamboo, tip sharpened slightly more than usual, thickness 4mm with a core of Kidsilk Haze. Not many sold like that, young lady!"

Now you'll have to excuse me - I must dash. I have 20cm of 2x2 rib to do on 2.75mm needles. ARRRGGGHHHH!

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  1. Her bright colors really http://goo.gl/g13K0e


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