Saturday, November 05, 2005

The grand blog opening!

Am I late? I sure hope not. I couldn't find any shoes to wear. Actually, I do have quite a few shoes, but none that matched this skirt. I did have a pair once, but The Hubby stood on them, and they are, alas, no longer. Oh well. Ahem - welcome to the opening of the Jorth blog! Please, make yourselves comfortable and drop by as often as you can. There's plenty of knitting, sewing, nattering and general, well, living going on here. The main speaker will be myself, Jorth, with guest appearances sporadically done by The Hubby, our beloved daughter Grumbles and strangers whose photo I may snap just because they look to be of interest.

Speaking of the Grumbles, here she is!


  1. funny baby, makes me want to pinch

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