Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Christmas countdown

Seven weeks ago I compiled a list of projects that needed to be done before Christmas arrived. There were 22 items on the list, and at the top of the piece of paper I gaily wrote: Currently 11 weeks until Christmas, which means two projects need to be completed each week. Yikes!

Yikes indeed. So far I have completed one. One! And now I am beginning to feel a bit stressed. Usually when this happens I make myself a cup of tea, sit down at the table and write a list. However, it's the darn list that already make that's causing my head to spin. Add to this a billion and one social engagements before the big day... it's a recipe for a headache!

Speaking of headaches, check out my craft table. I think the disorganised mess says it all.

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  1. oh you think that is a disorganised craft table.....I am too ashamed to show you mine!! Good luck with the list though!


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