Sunday, February 16, 2020

Vogue 8184 - The Furry Version!

When life hands you a remnant piece of fabric (that, incidentally, you have been eyeing off in the store for ages, and were kicking yourself for not buying when you originally saw it), and aforementioned piece is only 1 metre long, what is one to do? That's right - make a trusty Vogue 8184 out of the bad boy pronto!

Furry 8184 #13

Furry 8184 #6

Furry 8184 #14

Seriously - if anybody else knows of super cute dress patterns that can be made with a single metre of fabric, then please let me know! I can't think of any bar this one - all it needed was some grosgrain ribbon, and we were a-go!

The dress is lined and boned on the bodice. It does make for a bit of extra work, but it stops any creases forming (and when you have a tendency to slump like me, then boning is a handy reminder to STAND UP STRAIGHT, YOUNG LADY!) and always gives a dress a polished look. Grosgrain ribbon along the waistline seam and as shoulder straps complete the look.

As for costs? Well! When you score a bargain remnant for about $15, I reckon this dress comes out at around the $30, tops - even including buying boning, zip and lining fabric. I do love it when the dress comes out looking so much more exxy than it actually costs - I feel like I'm winning at life when that occurs! And who could say no to such awesomely textured fabric - it appears that at the moment, I certainly cannot!

The only downside to this dress is that the fabric has absolutely no give in it whatsoever. So I'd best not stuff myself with burritos before putting it on, because that zip will never go up if I do!

Furry 8184 #16

Furry 8184 #12

Furry 8184 #7

Project Details:
Pattern - Vogue 8184, view D
Fabric - 1 metre remnant piece from The Fabric Store
Notions - 35cm invisible zip, boning, lining fabric.

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