Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Frocktails 2019 dress aka The Christmas Tree Dress

I love Christmas. No seriously - I FREAKING LOVE CHRISTMAS! My favourite movie is White Christmas, my favourite smell is the needles of a real Christmas tree, and don't even get my started on plum pudding with custard. So when I saw fabric online that magically combined brocade with green tinsel, I realised my dream of dressing like an actual Christmas decoration could finally come true!



See what I mean? Party on the top, jingle all the way on the bottom! A girl can never have too much tinsel covering her butt as far as I'm concerned! And this tinsel did it's job - I've never had so many pats on my derriere as I did on Frocktails night whilst wearing this dress!


I used my trusty 8184 - I wanted a simple, classic strapless design so this incredible fabric could speak for itself. The fabric came in a 5 yard piece, alternating in wide sections between the brocade and the tinsel, so cutting out was a bit of a challenge but success (with added shimmer) was mine in the end.


The dress is fully lined, and the bodice is boned on each seam line. An invisible zipper completes the job, and to ensure that the tinsel didn't get caught in the zip each time I put the dress on, I trimmed the tinsel away from the zip area - thankfully there is still enough tinsel around to stop that seam looking bald.


All in all, I love this dress! It is truly one of a kind, and the deep Kelly green is my favourite colour ever. I'm so happy the vision in my head when I initially saw the fabric translated to the dress I got to wear. And it was a blast wearing it to Frocktails - it was, as always, a tremendously fun night!


Photos by the super talented Samara Clifford, featuring my favourite sewing partner in crime, Julia Bobbin, who looked stunning herself in her amazing tailored couture blazer. Girl has talent!


Project Details:
Pattern: Vogue 8184, size 8
Notions: lining, interlining, boning, invisible zipper
Fabric: 5 yard silk/tinsel/acetate piece


  1. Love the dress! Love the fabric!!!

  2. Gorgeous! There is so much joy in this dress.

  3. What a beautiful, fun to wear dress. love it.


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