Monday, March 19, 2018

Monthly Menu Plan - March/April

Jamie Magazine

I was rather saddened to find out that Jamie Oliver was closing his food magazine, Jamie. It was, in my opinion, one of the best food titles out there and I for one will sorely miss it. After all, this is the man who, via the medium of his written recipes, taught me how to cook. His roast chicken recipe, plus his method of making bread for pizza, have helped shape the cook I am today, and trust me - you'll always have a friend at your table if you've got those two recipes under your belt!

So in honor of Mr Oliver and his comittment to food, this month is mostly based around his recipes. Enjoy!

Week One:
Monday - Early autumn minestrone
Tuesday - Lentil spaghetti bologanise
Wednesday - Brilliant veggie burgers
Thursday - Out
Friday - Out
Saturday - Courgette and cheese borek
Sunday - Beetroot falafels with carrot salad

Week Two:
Monday - Harissa roasted cauliflower and potato bake with left-over carrot salad
Tuesday - Roasted cauliflower and coconut soup, with salad rolls
Wednesday - Beetroot and feta tart with rocket and radicchio salad
Thursday - Knitting night! Menu yet to be decided
Friday - Out
Saturday - Out
Sunday - Out

Week Three:
Monday - Out
Tuesday - Savory pancakes with paneer and spinach
Wednesday - Smoky veggie chilli
Thursday - Silverbeet soup with tomato, corn and cheese muffins
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Roasted vegetable lasagne
Sunday - Spicy salami, ricotta and olive calzone with salad

Week Four:
Monday - Sweet potato, coconut and cardamon soup with poppadoms
Tuesday - Roast vegetable pasties with salad
Wednesday - Pumpkin and pasta bake with rocket salad
Thursday - Vegan shepherd's pie
Friday - Mexican omelette wraps with side salad

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