Monday, March 05, 2018

Monthly menu plan - Feb/March

Carrots #1

It's been a while since I've posted my menu plan up here on ye olde blog. I'm still doing them religiously at home, but for reasons completely unfathomable I have not taken the next step of putting them up online. So apologies to the menu plan fans - hopefully this one makes amends somewhat!

Week One:
Monday - Silverbeet tart with currants and almonds, with salad
Tuesday - Spaghetti bolognaise
Wednesday - Vegetarian samosas with salad
Thursday - Spinach and lentil soup with garlic bread
Friday - Black bean tacos with roasted veg and all the trimmings
Saturday - Bangers and mash
Sunday - Tomato, capsicum and olive pasta with green salad

Week Two:
Monday - Butter chicken
Tuesday - Spaghetti and meatballs
Wednesday - Roasted vegetable, feta, pomegranate and quinoa salad with rocket
Thursday - Dinner at a friends
Friday - Tofu burgers
Saturday - Roast chicken
Sunday - Supergreens pasta primavera

Week Three:
Monday - Vegetable and feta tarts with onion marmalade and rocket salad
Tuesday - Lentil bolognaise
Wednesday - Cauliflower falafels
Thursday - Dinner out
Friday - Homemade pizza
Saturday - Baked potatoes with left over lentil bolognaise, and all the trimmings
Sunday - Spinach and ricotta cannelloni with garden salad

Week Four:
Monday - Vegetarian fried rice
Tuesday - Minestrone with spinach and ricotta ravioli
Wednesday - Pea, dill and rice soup with asparagus
Thursday - Feta, walnut and spinach pasties with green salad
Friday - Sweet potato and black bean burgers


  1. What a relief! I LOVE these so much. you do all the hard work and make me look good!

  2. I should put "dinner at Jorthies" on the calendar every night for that month, it all sounds delicious


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