Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spotted Ruffle Tee

It appears that the colour theme around these parts is yellow, yellow and more yellow. I've got my yellow dress, and now Tyger has a gorgeous yellow spotted ruffled tee!

Check it out - cute confetti spots in the front.....

Spotted Ruffle Top-1

Spotted Ruffle Top 2

...and ruffle party in the back!

The pattern is from Ottobre Design Magazine Spring 1/2011, and has been such a hit that I think I'm going to need to hit up the stash to make another version! The best bit about presenting it to her when she got home from school was that she gasped when she saw it and exclaimed with delight "Oh mum - it's got puffed sleeves!"

I've had my own Anne of Green Gables moment. I can die happy now!

Spotted Ruffle Top 3

Project Details
Pattern - #20 Peacock Tunic from Ottobre Design Magazine 1/2011, size 140cm
Fabric - 1.5m cotton jersey knit from Spotlight (purchased last year, so not sure if they still stock it)


  1. Awww! Love it. Really good job, Jorth!

  2. Very cute and she's smiling so happily.

  3. Oh that kind of reaction is truly priceless. I love the flat A line front and then the ruffle surprise behind! This here is why we sew! Xx

  4. Getting a reaction like that from your daughter is wonderful. It's a gorgeous top.

  5. Oh puffed sleeves!! That is darling! I would have had an Anne moment too!

  6. Adorable! Love her reaction. Definitely makes it worth the time to make!

  7. That is goregous!! What a happy little girl she looks with her new top. Five stars Jorth!

  8. I've been following your blog for ages. How your little girl has grown! Beautiful top - isn't it great when they love what you make for them?

  9. Impeccable. Your daughter must think that you are the coolest mother one could image ! Wonderful ! and As usual, lovely picture.

  10. Very rare of smile. Looking very cute.  Sewing Machine


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