Monday, March 30, 2015

Mellow Yellow

In my head (a marvellous place, I can assure you all!) I keep referring to this dress as my 'mellow yellow' dress, but that is a misnomer if I've ever seen one, as there is nothing mellow at all about this crazily bright frock!

Mellow Yellow #1

This pattern, a Very Easy Very Vogue (remember those?!?) from 1989, was actually quite easy to make. I'm not thrilled about the darts, which the pattern called to be cut before you sew, which I think has resulted in a pointy dart end, and the facings don't seem to want to sit right, despite the topstitching I added, but for a fun and bright day dress it does the job. It was quick to sew, and I love the front pleats - you can eat tons for lunch in this dress, and the pleats mean that your tummy can't betray you - hooray!

The back has a long split up the back which means that it is easy to both walk and ride my bike in this dress. Plus it's YELLOW! Yes sir, I think we can add this one to the winner's box!

Mellow Yellow #2

Project Details
Pattern - Very Easy Very Vogue 7475 in size 8
Fabric - 1.2m of stretch cotton from The Fabric Store
Notions - 35cm invisible zipper


  1. well the song does start "I'm just mad about saffron" - great pleats!

  2. Team Sunshine! This is so happy! Loving the bike riding ability that this has- always means a rad frock!

  3. You look gorgeous! Wish I could pull that colour off. And may I say your boot-ay look great in it!! Hehehe

  4. Traffic stopping! (which is good if you're going to bike in it). Looks great on you. I remember those patterns from the 80s. My brother made some bottle free shorts that we thought looked sooo Country Road.

  5. Looks cute on you!

  6. Love it! I like the rich yellow against your pale skin. Might work for me...

  7. I LOVE the yellow, it's gorgeous, and the pattern. Hmmm I wonder if I can do yellow with my pale pale skin too. Looks fab on you. P.S Enjoying your 30 days of cycle style on instagram too.

  8. Beautiful and happy! I love a bit of yellow and this looks fantastic on you.

  9. Such a happy color! You look great in the dress. Yes, I have two easy Vogue patterns that I love...I need to find them, lol.


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