Thursday, December 05, 2013

Pink Knitting Disaster Mark II

Thanks folks for all the love on my Roses dress. I am so happy with how it turned out. Unlike my Principesa dress. I had knitted all the way up to the neckline shaping, and had completed the right straps when I decided to try it on.

Disaster! It was too short, too tight, and so wrong on so many levels. ARRRRGGGGHHHH! All those hours of knitting, and I had something I wouldn't even leave my house dressed in, for fear that some sleazebag would sidle up to me and enquire as to my hourly rate. It was meant to be elegant and sassy like everybody else's are, but instead I had knitted myself a slut sack. Gah!

So what was an 80% finished dress is now this:


Yup, I frogged the whole darn thing. I am not having luck with this yarn at all, and have lost all love for the project. Thankfully there are always new projects to cheer myself up with:


A sweet baby ballerina style wrap from the Noro Collection by Debbie Bliss, which I've had on my bookshelf since I started knitting, and a 90s Vogue dress in a mustardy yellow. Tempting as the jacket is, I might leave that part of the pattern well enough alone.

As for the pink yarn, I think a summer cardigan for Tyger could be the thing. Seriously, pink yarn - I've got a three-strikes-and-you're-out policy around these parts, so this is your final chance to behave!


  1. Oh no! But a knitted slut sack - how often do you get to read those words? You made me laugh out loud!

  2. A slut sack, lol!!
    :( at least you can reuse the yarn, but shame about the time list!

  3. *time wasted - not time "list"!!!! I was on the phone talking bout "lists" when typing that comment, hehehehhe

  4. Anonymous4:15 pm

    A slut sack! Haha, I love it! We have work Christmas party tomorrow night so I'm sure I'll see a few of those.

    Condolences for the fate of your dress. Perhaps you can assign all those hours to perfecting your knitting technique?

  5. I am totally going to incorporate 'slut sack' into my vocabulary now!

  6. Oh what a waste of time for you but that yarn is very pretty...
    Love the sun dress, that is just the kind of thing you look good wearing.

  7. Oh Jorth, the pain!! How your heart must have crumbled when you decided to frog. So many hours indeed. But slut sack? Priceless!

  8. How painful to pull out all that knitting!! My Dad used to cringe whenever he would see my Mum pulling knitting out!!

  9. Oh no! how frustrating!! but y'know what, you have such a terrific figure, I'll bet it wouldn't have looked like a slut sack (and btw, lol!) on you at all, but stunning and ultra chic. And the pink is such a glorious shade :)

  10. I hate when that happens. Unfortunately it happens to much.


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