Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Totally awesome yarn interview

Purple Yarn

Hello everybody! Here today on Jorth we are interviewing these lovely balls of Sublime yarn. G'day, fellas! Although, now I look more closely, there aren't as many of you as when we first met. What's happening?

Yarn: Ya, dude, I know! Our numbers are being, like, totally depleted. It's pretty full on.

Interviewer: Tell us about it! There used to be 12 of you, but now we are down to 4! Can you explain that?

Yarn: It's like this Dapple dress, dude. Jorth is knitting like a maniac. Something to do with some shiz she was sprouting about getting it done in like, I dunno, 3 weeks or some crap? Anyway, she's blitzing through us like a gnarly dude carving up some air!

Interviewer: Wowsers! She certainly is knitting you up quickly, although you are yet to see the needles yet. How does that feel?

Yarn: I'm like, you know, totally missing my comrades and shiz, but I hope to join my brothers in yarn soon. She's like whacking through a ball a day. Soon we'll all be together dude! And, you know, we'll be a dress and shiz, but I'm cool with that. Handknits are like totally dope, bro!

Interviewer: Indeed! Well, thanks for joining us, and we'll be watching closely to see if Jorth can indeed get a dress knitted in 3 weeks.

Yarn: Laters, dude!


  1. you are, actually ridiculous <3

    the colour is goooorgeeouusss! i'm so jealous I really want a cabled dress for winter! I just dont have time in my knitting sched :(

  2. Your yarn sounds like little surfer dudes, and I like it.


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