Monday, April 15, 2013

Knitting vs Nature

"C'mon, honey!" implored the Galumph. "Put the knitting down for a while, and come for a nature ramble. There'll be fresh salty air, ocean views, native forests to walk through - you'll love it!"

Jorth eyed him hard over the top of her ribbing. "Will it be a nice clean walk?", she asked. "There's rain forecast for the next seven days, so I don't want any post-walk muddy laundry hanging around."

"Clean as a whistle!" assured the Galumph. "Your sneakers will be so clean by the end of it that you could eat off them, if you so wished."

Dirty Shoes

Dear Reader - he lied. Next time I'm staying home with the knitting!


  1. Ha! My husband just did the SAME thing to me!! Too funny. But I gotta admit, that does look like a fun time!

  2. I want those cords! ( male or female.)


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