Thursday, February 07, 2013

Tutu tutorial

For weeks people have been wondering why, whenever they see me, I seem to be covered in little bits of glitter. It's on my face, my hands, my ears... I even found some on my toast just before I popped it into my mouth! What, my friends began to question, is going on with Jorth and the glitter?!?

I am here to tell you that reports of my setting up a glitter factory are greatly exaggerated. Instead, I've been making glittery tutus for the school fete, and thanks to this snazzy little tutorial I've whipped up, you can tutu! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Not only are these quick and easy to make, but they are brilliant for craft stalls, birthday pressies, dress ups or just for a bit of sparkly fun.

Tutu #4

You will need:

2cm wide white elastic, long enough to fit around the waist of the person wearing the tutu (for a young girl we used 60cm)
2m sparkly tulle
White thread

1 - Take your piece of elastic, and sew the ends together securely to form a loop, as below.

Tutu #1

2 - Cut your tulle in half, so you have two pieces measuring 1m long. Place one piece of tulle on top of the other, then fold them in half lengthways, then in half again, then in half once more, so you essentially have a big log of tulle. Trim off the selvedge edges, then cut the tulle into sections about 2cm wide. You will end up with a whole bunch of tulle lengths measuring 1m x 2cm.     

Tutu #2

3 - Sling your loop of elastic over the back of a kitchen chair, fold each length in half, then begin to tie each piece of tulle to the elastic by tying through a loop as shown in the shot below. Continue until all the tulle is tied on.

Tutu #3

Oh hai! Look - an action shot!

4 - Remove tutu from chair, then find somebody to look adorable in it. Too easy!

Tutu #6

Tutu #5

I'm seriously considering finding some black glitter tulle and making myself one! I'm thinking black leggings, killer kitten heels, boat neck top, red lips and big BIG floating etheral tutu. If anybody asks, I'll just tell them I'm channelling a French ex-ballerina with a lotta attitude! I think I can work it. Well, that's my birthday outfit sorted out!

Anyway, hope you like the tutorial. Any questions, just leave them in the comment section.


  1. Great tutorial. So easy. Agree the black one with the leggings and ballet flats would be sooo cool. Tempted to do it myself.

  2. This is gorgeous ... My daughter turns 3 in a couple weeks and this would be perfect ...thanks!

  3. Awww, you and your daughter have matching buns. Love it!

  4. Serious mother-of-little-girl envy happening here! Maybe I should just join you in starting the adult tutu craze.

  5. Nice tutorial! I like this fashion. This makes a dress more fashionable & attractive looking.

  6. please do: if you don a tutu, then i shall have permission to wear one myself. oh, the twirling potential!

    just lovely.

    ps i adore your red specs.

  7. That is fantastic what a great tutorial, and a great tutu! - Annie

  8. Linda in Waterloo10:59 am

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  10. thanks for the tut


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